Mini Haul| Gracie Medford

Hey guys, So I did a haul! Yes I did. It was three mins so quite short. I really just wanted to show you

Five Good Reasons Why – The Last Guardian could be underwhelming

Yeah, we are hoping to see The Last Guardian some day… but this game might collapse under the pressure. In this Five Good Reasons

Kate Upton big surprise

Kate Upton big surprise 21-year-old model Kate Upton review at this time in zero gravity environment poses with his promises to make her mark.

Don Bradman Cricket 14 – Review Commentary

Luke and Tristan give a detailed analysis of the fun yet flawed cricket game from Big Ant Studios.

Présentation sauvage du Sony Xperia Z ultra

Présentation sauvage de la phablette de Sony Aka La Grosse Bertha. Desolé d’avoir oublié de mentionner le port Micro USB sur la tranche gauche

Nintendo feels – The Tara Show

Tara talks about the nostalgic feelings she has for Nintendo. Her love for Super Mario Bros 3 is never ending, but maybe future kids