Borderlands 2 Vita Is Two Players Only

Sony mentioned today that Borderlands 2 on PlayStation Vita will only include two-player co-op after originally promising four-player multiplayer.

The (Fake) Future of Sequels – Up at Noon

Up at Noon, IGN’s weekly comedy show, has a dark look at what Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might mean for the 2K franchise.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Developer Overview

Randy Pitchford goes over what you can expect from the new standalone Borderlands game.

Nvidia GRID : le cloud gaming sur la Shield Tablet

La vidéo du jour chaque matin à 7h sur : Après avoir dévoilé et commercialisé la Shield Tablet sous Tegra K1, sa nouvelle génération

Battleborn Is the Next Game From Borderlands’ Developer – IGN News

Subscribe to IGN News Channel Here: Battleborn is the next game from Gearbox software, developer of Borderlands 2, Brothers in Arms,…