HTDI: Record Your MacBook Screen!

How to record your screen on your MacBook! Enjoy! P.S: This is going to be a new series called « How-To-Do-It » (HTDI) Remember to LIKE,

Freestyle Week | DIY One Direction Notebook

Hey guys, hope you like this diy! Credit to DxDutch for the cover, you are amazing Remember to give this a thumbs up and

#OneBookJuly – Reference Pages [[Fauxbonichi]]

Hi Friends! More on my DIY planner – of course I will continue to use the bullet journal system in my fauxbonichi. Here I’m

Hitman: Absolution – The King of Chinatown [Don’t Do Drugs]

Hellish traffic, hellish climate, hell-sent politicians, gangsters in uniform, hoodlums in robe, massive unemployment.

Do You Miss Swapping Discs? – Game Scoop!

One Scoop! fan misses the feeling of accomplishment he got when switching discs in older games. This conversation originally appeared in Game Scoop! Episode

DIY Como hacer un cuaderno- 03.31.14

Hola en este video les demuestrate como hacer un cuaderno con una caja de cerial utillisando solo unos materiales. Recuerden hay que reciclar espero