Warframe : Radeon HD 6650M (DirectX 11)

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game, where players control members of the Tenno, ancient warriors who have awoken from cen…

Windows Phone NOKIA LUMIA 630 Double SIM – La performance sans compromis.

Avec un superbe écran de 4,5 » et un processeur quatre cÅ »urs intégré, le Lumia 630 Double SIM va à toute vitesse pour vous faire

Crysis 2 : Radeon HD 6650M (hardcore graphics)

Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek, the game is the second main installment of the Crysis series, and is

Zoom Actu : un connecteur universel pour 2017

Le Parlement Européen a voté une directive imposdant aux fabricants de rendre leurs apapreils mobiles compatibles avec un chargeur universel. Cette obligatio…

Cloudbuilt : Radeon HD 6650M

Cloudbuilt, use quick wits and quicker reflexes to carve your own path through the mysterious ruins of Cloudbuilt, floating high above the ground. Manipulate…

Bioshock Infinite AMD A8 4500m Gameplay

Bioshock Infinite gameplay. Game settings: normal-ultra. Do not set post processing to DX11! keep on normal at all times. all other settings can be